Wheel Alignments

  • Car & pickup trucks

  • Lowered & raised vehicles

  • Custom vehicles

  • Classic vehicles

  • Race cars

  • Motorhomes

We have the ability to align any vintage of vehicle from a 16-year-old’s first car to someone’s dream car. We stock most shims required & have the expertise to align any vehicle. We will test drive your vehicle, perform a complete inspection of the suspension & steering components & then perform a wheel alignment.

We also have the ability to align lowered & raised vehicles. Not only do we have one of the most state of the art wheel aligners, but we also have the expertise to perform wheel alignments the “old school way”. In other words, we understand alignments & what the different readings mean. The main three wheel alignment measurements are:

1. Caster

  • Front reading that measures the forward or backward angle of the upper ball joints or upper struts in comparison to the lower ball joints. Caster affects the stability of a vehicle on the road & steering wheel returning to center. If a vehicle’s caster is off, you may experience pulling.

2. Camber

  • Front & rear reading that measures the angle of the top of the wheel. Camber affects handling, tire wear & pulling.

3. Toe

  • Front & rear reading that measures what angle the tires are pointed in comparison to the centerline – pointed inward is toed in, outward is toed out & straight ahead is zero toe. Toe affects handling, tire wear & fuel mileage.

Our Services

We offer frame straightening, suspension repairs, wheel alignment & balancing, frame welding and much more

Frame Repairs

If you notice door or fender gaps or your front and rear tires are not in alignment, your vehicle may have a bent frame

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